A Brief Summary of The 2014 Estimated Injuries Report For Pools

no divingEvery year or so the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission compiles a report that evaluates and summarizes the amount of injuries and fatalities related to pools and spas. The most recent report for 2014 involved a look at numbers between 2011 and 2013. It also included comparison counts for the previous time period of 2009 to 2011. The following is a brief summary with key points regarding pools and the number of accidents and fatalities related to them as shared by Flower Mound pool service company, Pool Troopers.

The Basic Numbers

Between 2011 and 2013, there was an average of 4,900 emergency department treated patients whose injuries were the result of spa or pool submersion each of the years during this study. Of those, the majority (97%) was always related to pools versus spas. Among those treated in the emergency department, 78% of them were children below the age of 5 years. In terms of fatalities, the average per year was 390, with the majority once more being related to pools and young children under the age of 5 years. This reflects the same trend noted in the previous years analysis.

Nearly half of all accidents occurred at a residential location, along with three-quarters of fatalities as well. The most common type of pool involved in residential fatalities was in-ground, they account for around 58% (approximately 226). Above-ground pools were involved in 17% and portable pools were involved in 9%.

The Summary

Pools can present a higher risk for young children and teenagers below the age of 15. It is important to keep your pool secured and properly maintained. Many of the injuries were complicated by inappropriate chemical levels that caused additional damage after brief submersion incidents. Even a number of fatalities include victims that died a day or later, in part due to internal damage from the submersion in improperly kept pool that had too much chlorine.

At Pool Troopers Plano we take safety very seriously. Please be safe as swim season approaches this year.

Craft Beer and Bottling Processes

It can really be a competitive market out there when it comes to craft beer thanks to America’s fast evolving taste for craft beer. It seems that microbreweries open up in every neighborhood. This, of course is a great thing if you are looking for selection, quality, and totally local beer. However, if you are trying to make money on this type of industry, you are going to have your work cut out for you. You really have to hustle to ensure that your local crafted beer can survive the high level of competition on both local and regional levels. One way you can survive the competition and actually increase your likelihood of profit is to develop a solid brand as quickly as possible. One of the ways you do this is to focus on the right bottling options.

Let your bottle reflect your beer’s quality

The reality about craft beer brewing is that the quality of the beer itself is not enough. Great tasting beers produced with carbonation technologies are hard to come by. That is how advanced the market has become. It used to be that if you are looking for this exotic tasting beer you have to really go out of your way and spend extra money. Well, thanks to microbreweries, that is no longer the case. In fact, that is the assumption. That’s a given. So what will make your brand stand out? Interestingly enough, the things that stand out are the things that didn’t matter before like the size of the bottle, the quality of the bottle, the label, the cap, those kind of things. All these small elements have to work to the advantage of your overall brand equity.

Distinctive bottle designs need precision manufacturing

One shortcut that you can take is to offer your craft beer in a very distinct bottle. This is usually done in a very clever bottle shape or some sort of gimmick. You have to remember that if you use gimmicks for marketing, that may actually blow up on your face. At the end of the day the hallmark of a solid beer is a loyal fan base developed around the taste and consistency of the beer quality. With that said you need initial critical mass to develop enough of a community so that they can spread the word about your beer brand. To make this happen, you need distinctive bottle designs that need precision manufacturing. Because if you are going to play around with seemingly experimental bottle designs and the bottling quality is not there, this might end up blowing up on your face. Instead of developing a reputation for a high precision, high quality beer, you develop a reputation for flying by the seat of your pants. Not exactly a recipe for success.

Put your label on a bottle you can be proud of

One of the easiest ways to develop a solid brand in craft breweries as mentioned earlier is a clever label. Clever lables can involve very interesting images or very interesting names. Well, regardless of which particular avenue you take, you still have to put that label on a bottle you can be proud of This is where precision bottle manufacturing is very important. You have to pick craft bottle making equipment that produces high quality bottles on a sustained basis with very minimal defects.

Precise bottle quality reflects brand quality

The interesting thing about beer making is that when people are drinking your product they are actually experiencing your products at two levels. First, they are testing your product. Second, they are holding the beer bottle and it is natural for them to draw an association with both. So the higher the quality of the bottle the subconscious effect is that they will ascribe a higher quality level of your beer.

How to Find the Right Labeling Machine Option

Whether you manufacture plastic items, furniture, or any point in between; you know that a powerful label goes a long way. In many cases, your label is the only chance your end user to form an opinion regarding your brand value. Any newbie in marketing and manufacturing knows that a brand actually goes beyond the label of the product. It’s not just the graphics of the nifty logo on your product. Unfortunately, this is the point of contact the end user has with the quality you bring to the table. Any bad experiences here will eventually find their way to the user’s overall impression with your brand. You need to make the right impression quickly.

This is why it’s really important for you to pick the right machine labeling option. Otherwise, your label might do a bad job of communicating the constellation of manufacturing values you want your brand to embody. Keep the following factors in mind so you can make a truly informed decision as to machine labeling buying options.

Great warranties

This is non-negotiable. You have to insist on a manufacturer that would stand by its work product. You know you are dealing with a fly-by-night operation when they don’t even offer the most basic warranty for their product. You know that there is a strong chance that the machine will fall part or break down fairly soon if it’s not covered by a warranty.

Warranties exist for a reason. They set a minimum threshold of expectation regarding the quality and durability of a particular product. It is a serious red flag when a manufacturer wouldn’t even stand by his or her work product for a minimal amount of time. It’s always a good idea to compare different warranties among different manufacturers because you would be surprised as to the wide range of differences.

High-quality equipment

How do you define quality? In many cases, marketers would say that quality is really subjective. What may be quality to one person might be junk to another person.

Well, that may be true on philosophical terms, but in practical terms, there are actual benchmarks that you can use in the labeling industry says Universal Labeling Systems, a USA manufacturer of labeling machines. You can use durability. You can use the ability to do a particular job. You can use component parts. There are many objective benchmarks that you can use that can convincingly separate one particular product from another in terms of quality.

Don’t be shy about making these fine line distinctions. You have to remember; this is your company’s hard-earned money that you are spending

Solid infrastructure

A truly solid machine labeling manufacturer would have a solid infrastructure. This means solid shipping, solid customer support, and solid manufacturing facilities.

Does this mean the company has to be perfect? Absolutely not. What this doesn’t mean is that they have enough equipment and enough people to take care of manufacturing issues when they arise so that their customers are completely happy.

Taking Your Lawn Care Seriously

floridalawnIf you’re looking for your lawn to be cut and adequately taken care of, it’s too tempting to take shortcuts. It’s too tempting to look at the whole situation with a sole focus on cutting costs. Well, if you’re just trying to save a few pennies here and there, you’ll end up making things worse. You have to remember that your lawn is actually a very important part of your overall home design says Mathew Taylor of Green Solutions in Tampa Bay. When you come home, it’s the first thing that you see. When you look out the window, it impacts your mood and nothing could be worse than getting your lawn taken cared of by the wrong people. Unfortunately, with any kind of market for services in America, there are all sorts of random individuals looking for your business. Not all these people are adequately trained; not all these people have the right skills to take care of your situation. If you’re still unclear as to why you shouldn’t entrust your lawn care to these random companies, keep the following four reasons in mind.

Improper Chemical Handling

A properly managed lawn requires chemical fertilizers. In many cases, it might even require chemicals to take care of certain pest infestations. Whenever chemicals are involved, there’s always a potential health risk. Random companies might not store these chemicals properly. Worse, they might even spread them in a very random or unprofessional way which might lead to health risks for you or your family members.

Weeds Keep Coming Back

One key hallmark of a bad lawn care company is when the weeds in your lawn keep coming back. Or your lawn is just cut improperly. The main reason why you are outsourcing this task in the first place is that you don’t want to hassle with them yourself. And if the weeds keep coming back and your lawn looks unkempt and messy, you might be forced to roll up your sleeves until you get the right company. You don’t want to rust a random company so you wouldn’t have to go through these hassles.

Pests can also be a common sign you have a problem. More information found here.

You Want to Maximize the Impact of Your Lawn’s Plants

As mentioned above, your lawn actually plays a very important role in how your overall home looks. If you are looking to maximize some certain flowers that you’ve planted, you need to entrust your lawn to a company that can adequately cut and maintain your lawn so that the plants in your lawn look their very best. Any random company can’t do that. You have to pick the right lawn care company.

You Want to Maximize the Impact of Your Lawn’s Design

Many homeowners have specially designed lawns. This means special plants, special hedges, and special elements are put in. If you want your lawn to live up to its fullest visual potential, you need to do business with a company that would do justice to the design elements of your lawn. Unfortunately, you can’t be assured of this service quality if you’re just going to entrust your lawn care to random companies. You have to pick the right company. You have to do your homework. You have to track records to ensure that you will get the kind of lawn care that you are looking for.

Project the Right Commercial Building “Brand” with a Quality Commercial Cleaning

Every leasing property, whether we’re talking about a high rise or a mid rise building or even just a low-rise commercial building, has a brand. This is almost imperceptible to many people, but the reality is that whenever you’re offering something in the market, you are branding. You are appealing to a specific perception of the value you bring to the table.

Unfortunately, if you make the wrong kind of decision with your commercial cleaning service options, you might brand your commercial building the wrong way. Instead of branding it in such a way that it attracts the highest paying tenants, you might actually attract dead beats or fly-by-night operations. In other words, you brand yourself into a corner that is very hard to get out of.

Like in any market of products or services, brands go a long way in either boosting your profit margin or keeping your profit margin low. The worst part of it all is that it’s self-inflicted. In many cases, small decisions on your part can add up to seriously large financial disaster.

The good news is that you can project the right commercial building brand by picking quality commercial cleaning companies. Here are the reasons why.

Professional cleanliness

When you pick the right company to clean your premises, you are basically boosting the overall professional appeal of your premises says the owners of Royal Building Maintenance in Florida. Your premises might not be brand new, but if they are kept in new conditions, the professionalism will shine out. However, if your building looks like it has seen better days, it doesn’t take long for people to consider your brand past its prime. The moment realtors have this impression of your property; you start only attracting lower level or even the worst kinds of tenants.

Professional appearance

Cleanliness is one thing; appearance is another. By appearance, we’re talking about making sure panels are properly refurbished. We’re making sure that stone work is properly preserved. As you can probably already tell, it takes a high level of attention to detail as well as professional competence in refurbishing and building maintenance to ensure a high-quality look.

This is where many building managers screw up. They think that as long as a professional cleaning company does a good job cleaning, that is the kind of company that they should do business with. Many times, they’re tempted to do business because these companies charge a low amount of money.

The problem in these types of low-level service providers is that they may not have a high enough level of building maintenance competence to ensure that the building looks new. It doesn’t matter whether your building is ten years old or fifty years old. If your building looks new, chances are you would attract top-notch tenants. These are doctors or lawyers or dentists who would pay you the top dollar for your premises. Unfortunately, even if you have a ten-year-old building, but you hire a cheap commercial cleaning company that makes your building look run-down, it doesn’t take long for your business to start attracting low rent tenants. As a result, you might end up in a low-rent downward spiral that is very hard to snap out of.

Four things you can do to boost your landscape design quality

Make no mistake about it – great landscape designs don’t fall out of the sky. They don’t happen by accident. It takes a lot of planning, a lot of time and a lot of attention to detail to come up with a landscape design that really does your home’s overall ambience and overall design elements look their best. A great landscape is not this free-floating element that exists in a vacuum. It’s like a very important piece of the overall design jigsaw puzzle of your home. By trying to jam a piece into an area that it doesn’t really fit into, you might end up screwing up the overall ambience and overall look of your exterior.

landscape design

Unfortunately, if you are ready set on a particular bad idea there’s really not much your landscape firm can do. They can only implement your ideas and if you are close-minded regarding their feedback, you might end up with landscaping that you are completely unhappy with. At the very least, you would walk away completely disappointed.

To minimize unnecessary drama, keep the following four things in mind. Here are the four things you can do to boost your landscape design quality:

Give yourself time to plan things out

Whenever doing interior design or landscape design, you need to give yourself time and discuss your options with a professional landscape design company like GardenSmith in Tampa Bay. It’s very easy to think that you already have a solid idea as to what you want done for your home. But when it comes to actually writing these ideas out, you will see that there’s lot of gaps. Also, when you check the internet, you might want to second-guess yourself.

To avoid all these unnecessary headaches, give yourself the right amount of time to completely plan things out. Planning things out doesn’t just involve writing down the stuff that you hope and wish for, it also involves cross-referencing other existing designs. It also involves asking for second opinions. All these take a lot of time so give yourself time to do this properly.

Write down your ideas

I can’t emphasize this enough – too many homeowners walk around with this fuzzy idea of what the ideal landscape would look like. They do a deal with a landscaping company. They hand over their hard-earned dollars and at the end of the process they are stocked with the landscape that they are, at best, disappointed about, and, at worst, completely hate.

If you don’t want to be in this position, you really need to write down your ideas. You’d be surprised at the kind of things you will discover when you write down your ideas. You’d see the strong points of your design elements and you’d also see where certain elements are lacking.

Clean up your ideas after checking the web

It’s easy to think that you have a solid idea where all elements fit together. In many cases, you might be overestimating your own ability as a landscape designer. If you’re not in the landscape design industry, this is probably the case. To make sure that you don’t experience buyer’s remorse or second-guess yourself later on, always clean up your ideas after checking the web. Look at the alternatives. Look at professional designs from different parts of the country.

Once you’ve seen what else is out there, then you can approach your project with a little more certainty and a little bit more confidence.

Get a final design from your contractor

Now that you have all these ideas written down, the next is to hand them over to your contractor. There they are the expert. They are the ones with many years of experience under their belt designing landscapes.

Pay attention to what they have to say. In many cases, a lot of your ideas might be impractical. In some cases, they might be downright impossible. So, get a valuable feedback from your contractor because at the end of the day they will be the ones implementing your ideas. So make sure everybody is on the same page.

Mold Remediation Services Explored

The Hallmarks of Truly Professional Mold Remediation Services


Whenever you need the professional services done, you really have to be on your toes regarding the hallmarks of highly professional contractors. Let’s face it, anybody with some equipment and some basic knowledge regarding specialized services can call themselves a contractor. In fact, they only need to pass certain basic tests to get duly licensed by the state.

Unfortunately, this is not enough for you to trust that particular mold remediation service. This is after all going to impact the overall health of your family members and loved ones. It’s really important to pay attention to the right hallmarks of truly professional mold remediation services. Otherwise, you might come to regret your decision when you hire a non-professional.


Any person offering professional work should be confident enough in the quality of his or her work to stand by his or her work. This usually takes the form of guarantees.

If a particular service provider doesn’t want to offer guarantees, this should be a red flag. You should stay away from such a provider. Obviously, they don’t trust the quality of their work enough for them to guarantee their work. These are bad news.
Training program

A truly professional mold remediation service and water removal/cleanup company would have a training program for their staff. Since mold can dramatically negatively impact your family’s health, you only need to deal with the companies that have a very thorough training system. At the very least, the outcome should be standardized. At the very least, the staff of such a company should follow certain procedures to the letter. At the very least, they should be professional enough to constantly get you information so that they can continuously step up the quality of the service they provide.

Solid documentation

You know you’re dealing with a real professional when they give you a thoroughly documented work process. Not only do they tell you what they did, but they also tell you what to look out for, how they get to certain conclusions, and what to expect in the future. Solid documentation is a clear hallmark of a company that really takes their work so seriously that it rises to the level of professional great quality.

Individualized assessment

Beware of companies that give out consultations on a one-size-fits-all basis. Such companies are not worth doing business with. The reason you need to stay away from such companies is because every case is different. Every case involves a different set of circumstances. Every case must be assessed and judged based on its own particulars. Stay away from companies that are basically giving you a template and just filling in the blank. Those companies are worthless.

Clear communications

If the company doing mold remediation services in your home encounters an issue, they should clearly communicate with you how this can impact the cause and how can this impact the quality of the work. Clear communication is a very powerful hallmark of a real professional and classy organization. You don’t want to find out about substantial issues regarding your project in the worst way possible. You don’t want to find out about factors that might dramatically impact the cost of your home’s mold remediation project at the last minute. This is why it’s really important to go to the company that places a high premium on clear communications.

Improve Your Pool Cleaning Efficiency With the Right Chemicals

poolchemicalsIt’s very easy to use the wrong chemicals for the wrong job when it comes to maintaining a pool. In many cases, it’s very easy also to use the right chemicals for the wrong job or to use the wrong chemicals for the right job. You have to use the right chemicals for the right job to really perform pool-cleaning efficiently. Even if you’re not going to be doing your own pool cleaning, it’s always a good idea to understand the mechanics of efficient pool-cleaning so you don’t end up getting ripped off. You worked hard for your dollars. You don’t want to make all that money go up in smoke by picking a professional pool chemical company that basically blows smoke up your backside, right? Keep the following tips in mind to improve your pool-cleaning efficiency with the right chemicals.

There’s a reason why certain pool-cleaning chemicals cost a lot more money. The most compelling reason of course is faster activation. The faster a particular chemical works on your pool water, the more money you save because the worst thing that can happen is for you to use chemicals that take forever to work, and all sorts of things might happen. The climate might change in your location or people might use the pool, and this really can throw a wrench in the works. At the end of the day, the money that you spend for cleaning chemicals for your pool isn’t really maximized. You’re not getting your money’s worth. Sure, the pool is clean up to a certain extent, but you probably would have to clean your pool much faster and much sooner than you need to.

Longer effect

Think about it, if you’re going to be cleaning your pool once a month with a certain chemical or once every two months, if you switch to a cheaper chemical, you might be thinking you’re saving a lot of money. However, if you’re forced to clean your pool every two weeks because you’re using that cheaper chemical, at the end of the day, you’re probably not saving money. In most cases, you’re probably spending more money because the effect of the pool-cleaning chemicals that you are using is much shorter. We’ve seen this problem happen frequently in Dallas pools esecially.

Higher ROI

If you’re really serious about maximizing the value that you get out of your hard-earned dollars, you really have to focus on one concept and one concept alone. This concept of course is return on investment. You really have to watch this like an eagle. Make sure that for every dollar that you spend on something, you get maximum value in return. This applies to handbags, shampoo, and yes, pool cleaning chemicals. You work hard for your money. You deserve as much value in return as possible. Pretty straightforward. Pretty simple.

Less risks with the proper precautions

You have to use the right chemicals because in many cases, they are safer. In many cases, if you pay careful attention to the instructions, and you use proper precautions; you enjoy fewer risks. In other words, you save a lot of money because any potential health issues are avoided because of the overall safer profile of these chemicals.

Safety Benefits Of Construction Fencing For Work Sites

Are you looking for a way of making your construction site more secure and free from intruders? You should consider fencing your construction site. This should be regardless of the size of your site area.

Fencing promotes security of your construction tools and materials. It is also a nice option of keeping people and animals away from the possible hazards resulting from the uncovered areas like pits. Fencing is a sign to show that the place is simply out of bounds for unauthorized people and they tend to keep off unlike in a situation whereby the site is left open.

construction fencingThere are different fencing options available in the market today. Mostly, construction site fencing is meant to be temporary. The choice can be based on the duration the project and the complexity of the project. Most industrial sites require more security due to the powerful tools and expensive materials used. This poses people to extensive risks that could be life threatening. Even small projects have their own risks like pits and fallen objects and this call for a dire need for fencing.

We recommend visiting http://www.westfloridafence.com/fences for a wide selection of fencing available.

At times, construction could be taking place within your home where there are little children and domestic animals. To keep them off from danger, a fence is a necessity and most probably a simple one. Fencing gives your men on site ample time for carrying out their work without obstruction. When this is achieved, you can be rest assured that the project will be successfully completed on time. 

The most cost effective fencing option is to find rental fences. They are portable, easy to fix and install and at the same time easy to remove from the site. There are quite a few fencing options. They come in different sizes and heights, designs and materials with anti-climb systems put in place. You can choose an option that will work well for you that will ensure that your construction site is secure as well as the tools and materials used. 

At some point in construction stages, workers take some days off before moving into the next construction stage. This can be well explained by construction engineers but of course we know that construction is a process that needs time if a stable project is to be achieved. During such days, intruders may be tempted to interfere with the site since they find no work in progress. To keep them off and assured that the site is safe and secured, simply install a fence. 

More can be said about fencing but remember every fence have one or several gates. The gate is a clear indicator of entry point for people and vehicles. This promotes order since the entry and exit points are clearly marked. A construction fence is a worthy investment that assures the security of your site including the tools and equipment. It is a good way of marking your boundaries known especially if different projects are carried out within the same area. This assures that they are no mixing of materials and it protects your site from unnecessary congestion and intruders. 

Your Pool Needs Help – Common Signs

What are common signs your pool needs repair work

pool repairs neededBeing the boss of your own pool can be a nice thing, spending some alone time especially during summer and experiencing the warmth that summer nights come with in your own personal oasis, is the best feeling ever!

However, there comes a time when having a pool becomes less blissful. Swimming pools require constant maintenance when in use.

At certain times they may require repair. Maintaining a regular pool service, like this one in Dallas,is a wise thing to do because it becomes easy to make sure that your pool is in a great condition and shape too. One common problem that most pool owners encounter is a failing or a broken pool pump.

By hiring an expert or rather a professional that specializes in pool services, you can certainly be sure that your pool is ready for a dip.

Therefore, we are going to highlight some of the common signs that your swimming pool needs repair work as outlined by pool service company Pool Troopers (http://www.pooltroopers.com/)

Checking for leaks

Most swimming pools will lose at least 1 to 2 inches of water every week. When it is hot during day time and cooler at night, evaporation is at its highest point. It is crucial to keep track of the level of water, if it losing more than three inches in one week, you probably may have a leak.

Leaks can possibly occur in the lining of the swimming pool, within the filtration system or cracks. An expert will be able to notice possible signs of leak quickly. It is also easy to find the leak by yourself.

Filter issues

Another common problem that may possibly arise is issues with the filter. The filter is a very important component to the pool because it keeps the swimming pool clean at all times.

To make sure your swimming pool is clean; you should ensure that the filter is functioning properly all the time. If you do not want it to run all day, keep it on for at least eight hours during summer and about four hours during winter.

If you notice debris in your swimming pool, then there is most likely a problem with the filter, therefore you may be forced to call in an expert for a checkup.

Worn impeller

Your swimming pool has a component that is known as an impeller. This component is responsible for pushing the water via the pump system.

If the impeller is worn, you will realize that the pressure from the filter gauge is low. When the readings from the gauge are low on a regular basis, you should book an appointment with a professional.

Damaged motor shaft

This machine, found inside the pool pump, provides power to all the parts of the pump. If it becomes damaged then it will put the performance of the pool in a compromising situation.

One important sign of a problematic motor shaft is leaking of water underneath the water pump.

If you suspect that your motor shaft has issues, contact your nearest pool service and repairs company.